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Hand Making Keys

Making a key to a mortice lock is a basic locksmith skill, and one required by the MLA as part of their full exam. The chosen lock for the exam is a 3G110. Why? Because it requires some intricate skills and good hand eye coordination. But you can change the levers quickly! Agreed but what…

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Access control

In our industry and in its simplest form, it means to control the ingress of people into a compartment. This could be a building – a floor of a building – a room on a floor – a container (cupboard) in a room. It could also be used to control the egress from the same…

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How to fit a timber door

You may be asked from time to time to replace a door that has been broken, split by forcing or sub-standard for security locks- with a bit of knowledge it is not a huge job. Check the frame is square (ish) and firmly fixed, measure at at least 3 or maybe 4 points width and…

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