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One Sixth Of Van Drivers Admit To Leaving Valuables In Vehicles Overnight

A brand new study conducted by a leading business insurance website in the UK has revealed that as many as one sixth of professional drivers admit to leaving valuable items in their vehicles overnight on a regular basis, despite knowing that they are at a heightened risk of theft. Furthermore, more than half of guilty participants confessed that the goods left overnight belong to other individuals. As part of…

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The Bike Lock That Makes Thieves Vomit – Literally

Bike riders worry constantly that their machine will get stolen whenever it’s locked up on the street. Well, a US company might mean you’ll never have to worry again after developing a lock that is sure to make would-be thieves vomit. Literally. Called SkunkLock, this steel U-Lock is designed with a built-in deterrent of very…

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Super Grip Lock

Super Grip Lock is a $10 security product that is industry tested and police endorsed, allowing homeowners, renters and travellers to protect themselves against intruders who could otherwise unlock their door. Even if the intruder has your key they can’t get in. It stops bump keys that are available online and open locked doors nearly as…

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How Your Kettle Could Steal Your Car

Ford’s ambitious plans to link cars to household appliances has come under fire from a cyber security expert who said the technology could make it easy for hackers to steal their cars and data. The carmaker wants drivers to be able to switch on their heating, lights and even smart kettles from behind the wheel,…

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Power Tools “Most Stolen Item In 2015” – Builders Bear The Brunt of Building Site Crime

Power tools are the most stolen item from building sites and workers in the construction trade, with small traders suffering most from crime in the industry. A national security equipment installation and servicing company has found that smaller, easy-to-fence items are more likely to be stolen, but there are still significant numbers of thefts of…

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Threat of Burglaries Keep Brits Up at Night

Over half of the UK population worry about their houses being burgled on a regular basis, according to new research. 53% of Brits said that they were worried about their homes being broken into, with 47% of these saying it is a regular concern and 6% admitting that they worry about it all of the…

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