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Squatters Rights! – Right?

‘Squatter’ builder who renovated and moved into empty £400,000 three-bedroom house after elderly owner died wins right to KEEP it   Builder Keith Best ‘treated the house as his own’ after hearing it was empty Owner died and her son had not visited since he was attacked in the area High Court judge rules the house…

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Yale Launches Major Summer Security Campaign

Yale urges locksmiths to make the most of summer sales opportunities with its ‘Operation Safe Summer’ trade initiative. At the heart of ‘Operation Safe Summer’ is a major consumer marketing campaign, ‘Unlock Your Summer’.   Yale recognizes that consumers want the freedom to go off and enjoy the holiday period without having to worry about their…

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Do you need a sales edge?

WITH many people taking breaks over weekends and the summer holidays fast approaching maybe you need to think ahead. WHAT DO MY CUSTOMERS NEED? No business can afford to stand still, look at any market leader, Coca Cola= new drink flavours, ASDA and Tesco = reduced prices, So why in the security industry do we…

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are you afraid of a heartbleed?

    You’ve likely heard of Heartbleed over the past week. We wanted to share a bit about what it is, steps we have taken to protect our customers and steps you can take to protect yourself across the Web. Some versions of Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 were impacted. On April…

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The only exhibition for auto locksmiths in Europe is on the move. A new venue has been contracted with better facilities for training and exhibitions space, in a hotel environment that has a pool and spa facilities as well as a gym and more importantly bars. The new Venue is the Nottingham Belfry Hotel, Mellors…

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ABUS Launch BSI*** Euro Cylinders

The UK euro cylinder market has tended to take up lower priced solutions for domestic doors  Consequently cylinders often stand out from the door handle making them vulnerable to ‘snapping’, and, given the vast majority of UK domestic doors and cylinders us a standard ‘1A ’ section, equally vulnerable to ‘bumping’. Hence BSI developed stringent…

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