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You Keep Me Hanging On the Telephone

Don’t leave customers hanging in silence. Mark Williamson, (pictured) Sales and Marketing Director for audio branding specialist PHMG explains how to turn hold time into a key marketing tool. The implications of poor call handling can cost a business dearly. Research has revealed 67 per cent of consumers have hung up on a service call before their particular issues could be addressed…

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Why & How to Deal With Customer Complaints

When people are unhappy, they will often complain. Many businesses tend to try and ignore complaints, or pass them off as irrelevant, however, if dealt with well, they can actually provide your business with a strong advantage. The most important reason why you should listen to complaints is very simple. If someone is complaining, the…

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Customer Care & Relations

One thing that business owners often forget is that customers are the driving force of their business: without them, they have no future – it is the same for everyone. You may currently feel that your relations with customers are good, but can you do more? Did you know it costs five times more to sell…

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