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are you afraid of a heartbleed?

    You’ve likely heard of Heartbleed over the past week. We wanted to share a bit about what it is, steps we have taken to protect our customers and steps you can take to protect yourself across the Web. Some versions of Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 were impacted. On April…

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Payatrader chip and pin terminal

New! Affordable mobile Chip & Pin terminal for UK’s millions of small businesses, professionals and home services traders has launched the UK’s first, low cost, pocket sized standalone card processing terminal with electronic receipting – specifically designed for small businesses. Not much bigger than a pocket calculator, the new terminal is a fully accredited,…

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Body Language in Business

Did you know that body language accounts for over 90% of a conversation! Body language can be used to help conduct an interview, give a presentation or make that important sale: a conversation stretches so much further than speech. Body language is the reason why selling face-to-face has a huge advantage over selling by phone,…

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