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The Funding Key To Business Success

Business success for locksmiths calls for appropriate financial support. Academy Leasing’s managing director Mike Nolan considers the funding options to help drive company growth and expansion. Hiring a locksmith is something that can be rarely avoided and consequently, the sector rode out the roller coaster of the economic downturn better than most. But while the industry offers lucrative business potential for…

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Body Language in Business

Did you know that body language accounts for over 90% of a conversation! Body language can be used to help conduct an interview, give a presentation or make that important sale: a conversation stretches so much further than speech. Body language is the reason why selling face-to-face has a huge advantage over selling by phone,…

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Why & How to Deal With Customer Complaints

When people are unhappy, they will often complain. Many businesses tend to try and ignore complaints, or pass them off as irrelevant, however, if dealt with well, they can actually provide your business with a strong advantage. The most important reason why you should listen to complaints is very simple. If someone is complaining, the…

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Customer Care & Relations

One thing that business owners often forget is that customers are the driving force of their business: without them, they have no future – it is the same for everyone. You may currently feel that your relations with customers are good, but can you do more? Did you know it costs five times more to sell…

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Do you really, Really want licensing?

The SOPL Shines a Light on The Dark Side of the Locksmith Industry – Locksmith Licensing is Shady Business! (Society of professional locksmiths) Written By: Barry Campbell, Director of Operations SOPL Kurtis Ming, from CBS 13 in Sacramento, recently reported on “The Dark Side of the Locksmith Industry.” There are some notable things about this…

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