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Broken, Bent and Words Of Praise

Derrick Purvis, Avocet Hardware’s marketing manager, talks about his company’s on-going battle against lock-snapping. We’ve been banging the lock-snapping drum for longer than I care to remember and at times it feels like we’re the lone drummer in an orchestra that’s playing a completely different tune. The fact of the matter is that the general public still isn’t…

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The Scandal of the Insurance Scam

Just last month we helped out a young couple who live close to our West Yorkshire headquarters after they’d lost a host of treasured possessions following a locksnapping attack on their home, writes Raymond Pearce of Avocet Hardware. Having read their story in the local newspaper, we got in touch with Mark Davies and Ruth Harrison, who…

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Avocet Secures Home After Insurance Let Down

Avocet Hardware has come to the rescue of a Mirfield couple after their insurance company stated it would only replace locks that had been snapped by burglars with like-for-like replacements – a settlement that meant their home would have been left at as much risk as it was before the burglary. Mark Davies and Ruth…

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Who’s Nicked The Goalposts?

I wonder how many of you have heard that the standard TS007 (owned and controlled by the GGF and DHF) has been upgraded? Because the standard is not controlled by BSI there was no public consultation, only members of both those organisations had prior notice/consultation. TS007 1 star cylinders are the basis of the current…

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Avocet Closes The Net On Burglars

Avocet Hardware is bringing to market a product that it says can dramatically reduce the number of burglaries in England and Wales that are the result of forced entry through a door. Clive Lloyd, Avocet’s managing director, said: “At present 74 percent of burglaries take place through either a front, back or side door – a figure that means the main point of…

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Avocet Receives Endurance Endorsement

Endurance Doors has become the latest company to switch to Avocet’s new ATK snap secure lock. The move, which is part of the North Lincolnshire based company’s Secured by Design upgrade of its Solid and Secure composite doors, takes place with immediate effect, and according to Endurance(r) Doors’ managing director, Stephen Nadin was an obvious…

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