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Auto Locksmithing

Viro Van Lock – Additional Security For Any Van

The Viro Van Lock is an innovative and high quality lock specifically designed for Vans to give additional security, yet practical for day to day use The Viro Van Lock can be practically installed in any situation as it tolerates orrecovers (with spacers) any door misalignments, it presses closed easily and provides a high degree of security thanks to the fixing…

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Mul-T-Lock’s New Visual Deterrent For Van Security

Mul-T-Lock has launched a new ultra high security solution to present van drivers with the latest innovation in security locking technology to combat the constantly increasing thefts from their vehicles. ArmaD lock is a lock design available to bolt onto the surface of any van side or rear door and act as a significant visual deterrent to the…

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Ghosts do actually exist!!!

Protect your vehicle! Immobilisers have been around for a long time, One of the latest innovations is Undetectable unless you know where it was installed – Hence its name GHOST. Trackit 247 recently made me aware of this product and as I have trackers this seems like a great forward step. Trackers can be found…

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Codes On Keys

Ever see a key or a lock with a number stamped on it like FS332, FA5212, or 61543? Those are called key codes. They tell those who know how exactly how to cut a key to fit the lock, without ever having to see the lock or an original key themselves. Information required when needing…

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