FinBolt Triple Door Lock Set wins SBID International Design Award 2021

Discover why FinBolt, an elegant, high-security door locking solution with automatic deadbolts
has won the prestigious SBID International Design award 2021.

The SBID International Design Awards winners for 2021 were revealed at the Nobu Hotel
Portman Square in London on Friday 22 October. Finfort is pleased to announce that it is
among the impressive global design talent to have become a SBID product design award
winner for its entry, FinBolt Triple Door Lock Set in the Interior Fittings category.

The FinBolt Triple Door Set is the ultimate combination of ultra-security, convenience and
beautiful craftsmanship. It is an innovative set of three compact, sleek, recessed door locks
equally suited to period or modern wooden doors.

The set includes two FinBolts, one at the top of the door and one at the bottom, simultaneously
automatically deadbolting with a sophisticated soft closing action and a third insurance-
compliant manual deadbolt which you choose when to use.

The FinBolt lock is a major innovation in door security. FinBolt makes it possible to secure a
door at multiple points with individual locks operating independently, that automatically deadbolt
every time the door is closed so doors are always secure, without turning a key.

It combines elegant design with award-winning engineering to secure doors automatically. The
thumbturn mechanism ensures you can always get out fast when you need to so you can enjoy
safer, automated door security that never compromises on style.

To compliment the elegant design, Finfort has partnered with Avocet ABS who supply its high-
security 3 star kitemarked cylinders with registered keys which can be copied by ABS
authorised key cutting centres.

‘We are delighted to partner with ABS Avocet whose high-security cylinders complement our
vision to deliver elegant, convenient, high-security door locking solutions. The thumbturn design
was so unique and fitted with our ethos of bringing security and style together.’
Hilary Duggan, Finfort Co-founder.

Steve Ross, Commercial Director for Avocet ABS commented, “when we were approached by
Finfort to work with them on their innovative FinBolt product, we were particularly excited by
their vision of a security product that lends itself to the design conscious person. We are already
looking at new bespoke finishes for our cylinder to work alongside Finfort’s future plans for an
architecturally designed high security product offering.”

Considered one of the most prestigious accolades in the interior design industry, success in the
GOLD-standard Awards programme which amassed over 3,000 entries from 85 countries
demonstrates the highest level of design excellence across the commercial and residential

To win, FinBolt went through a two stage technical judging process that considered the
innovativeness, functionality, user-benefits and sustainability of the FinBolt Triple Door Lock
which accounted for 70% of the decision. The public vote accounted for the remaining 30%.

‘Winning a prestigious SBID award validates the long design journey from a concept of a
recessed automatic deadbolt through to creating the FinBolt Triple Door Lock set – a unique,
convenient, safer door locking solution that honours the British front door aesthetic.’
Timothy Finn, Finfort Co-Founder.

The full range of FinBolt products are available for purchase from or from
leading architectural ironmongers and locksmiths.

Visit to find out more about the FinBolt product range.
Visit for more details on the ABS range of cylinders

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