Mobile Access Innovations Power UK plc’s Building Rethink Post-Covid

As many UK employers allow hybrid working and building owners rethink retail, office and residential spaces with commuting remaining below pre-Covid levels, the latest mobile access technologies from locksmiths can give the business, property and retail sectors greater scope to rethink building uses in a post-Covid economy.

2N, the leader in IP intercom systems, says that the new generation of Bluetooth mobile access technologies coming to market, such as WaveKey, are setting new standards in speed, reliability and security for mobile access control to buildings. These products also mean simpler, less-labour-intensive installation for locksmiths and contractors.

Locksmiths can install the latest Bluetooth-based mobile access control units in minutes.

With the latest mobile access control units having built-in controllers, installers can attach the unit on a door frame, connect the lock and secure the unit, in minutes. Since many of these units are now IP based, administrators can configure controls and set user permissions remotely. As a result, building owners can more quickly and safely turn existing offices into residential space or reconfigure floor plans, for example, as employers cut back on city centre office space.

The pandemic response has given added momentum to the long-term trend towards intelligent buildings. Worldwide sales of IP-enabled access control units are set to increase by 12% annually for four years while research of building security managers shows a growing interest in using video analytics, identity management and access control. This convergence will help building owners offer enhanced user security and deeper insights into buildings’ usage.

With the latest mobile access technologies, installers can help building owners adapt their office spaces post-Covid.

Gareth Robinson, Access Control Product Manager at 2N, explains: “The need to adapt floorspaces or whole buildings post-Covid has transformed building priorities and user expectations.

“Breakthroughs like WaveKey not only ensure faster and more secure building entry but they also give owners a path for adopting the latest Bluetooth-based mobile access technologies. These innovations’ ease of installation is also helping building managers accelerate necessary building refits and security upgrades.”

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