Master Lock, the American security super brand, is celebrating its 100th
anniversary in 2021. Throughout the past century, Master Lock has given peace of mind and protection to millions of people across the globe whether it be where they live, work or play. To celebrate this remarkable milestone, the brand has decided to launch a very special Collector Padlock and Key Chain.

This limited-edition padlock features a sleek but sturdy 54mm laminated steel body and can withstand outdoor climates, offering maximal resistance against prying attempts. For superior cut resistance, the padlock is made from a 29mm tall, 8mm diameter hardened boron alloy shackle. Additionally, its four-pin cylinder prevents picking attacks, and its dual ball-bearing locking mechanism offers better robust protection. All of this gives the padlock a Master Lock security level of nine out of ten, which means it is ideal for securing garden sheds, gates, heavy-duty equipment and more.

To showcase Master Lock’s 100 years of expertise, the padlock is adorned with the brand’s emblematic lion head, a logo which was exclusively recreated for the brand’s 100th anniversary, acting as a reminder of the brand’s values: strength, courage, and resilience. While incarnating an elegant look, the cover also protects the padlock from harsh elements.

To truly celebrate the landmark year, Master Lock is including a free
keychain with the Collector Padlock, that also showcases the 100th anniversary logo.

Looking ahead, Master Lock is on a mission to continue to be the leading global manufacturer of padlocks plus security and safety products renowned for strength, ease of use, reliability, and trustworthiness.

The Master Lock 1921EURDCC 100th Anniversary Collector Padlock will be
available from a variety of retailers including For more
information, please visit – SRP from £26*

*Any suggested retail prices shown are for illustration purposes only – we fully accept and agree that Master Lock has no influence over the selling out prices and understands that this is the sole responsibility of the retailer.

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