UNION Launches Three New Door Closers to Offer Complete Closer Solution

Already established as a market leader in high-quality door closers, UNION has further strengthened its range with the launch of three dynamic new solutions. Innovative and properly certified, the three new door closers all bring incredible value to the market, by solving a number of critical challenges faced by installers to meet the needs of their customers.

With the launch of the CE26V, SC-CE3F and CE4F-E, UNION now meets almost every door closer requirement – whether for light or heavy closing, concealed closing, or the ability to choose between hold-open and free-swing settings.

Maintaining aesthetics with the SC-CE3F

With the new SC-CE3F door closer, style comes to the fore. A concealed solution, it helps maintain the aesthetics of an environment by being hidden from view. This allows buildings to benefit from the advantages of a fixed power size 3 door closer without compromising on aesthetics, making the SC-CE3F the perfect choice for high-end residential and commercial applications. Its concealed nature also protects it from vandalism, particularly in spaces such as university halls of residence, where
this can be a problem.

Compliant with the demands of BS 8300 for creating an inclusive environment, the SC-CE3F is also more compact than comparable products, reducing the amount of material needed to be removed from the door leaf.

A flexible solution with the CE26V

The new CE26V rack and pinion door closer is an easy-to-fit solution that can be set to any power size between 2 and 6, in line with the EN 1154 standard governing the requirements of controlled door closing devices. As a result, the CE26V offers outstanding flexibility, making it suitable for anything from lighter doors of 20kg to heavier doors up to 120kg. The CE26V ensures it is possible to meet almost any EN power size demands from a single product.

Due to this flexibility, it’s ideally suited for new projects or retrofit applications. The CE26V is also CE and Certifire tested for 120 minutes on timber doors in all three fixing positions, providing assured protection in the event of a fire.

Hold-open or free-swing with the CE4F-E
The new CE4F-E electromagnetic door closer is a dual-function solution that can be set to one of two modes: hold-open or free swing. When in hold-open mode, the CE4F-E allows people to walk through the doorway without opening the door, offering the ultimate barrier-free solution. This makes it ideal for hospitals, hotels, theatres and other high-traffic public areas. By removing the need for physical contact, it also reduces the spread of germs – a consideration that is increasingly in demand following the outbreak of Covid-19.

Alternatively, in free-swing mode, the door operates as though no closer is fitted. This allows the door to swing freely with little force required to open it; suitable for the needs of residential bedroom doors in care homes, for example.

Both modes provide assured fire safety, should an incident arise. The CE4F-E complies with the demands of BS EN 1155 by connecting to a building’s fire or smoke alarm system. In the event of a fire, power is cut to the unit, allowing it to automatically close and stop the spread of fire and smoke.

We’re extremely excited to have launched the CE26V, SC-CE3F and CE4F-E door closers, which strengthen our range and allow us to offer a comprehensive offering that meets all door closer needs,” comments Richard Wilson, Product Category Manager at UNION. “Whether you’re after versatility in terms of door weight, concealment for aesthetic reasons, or the choice between hold-open and free-swing, UNION has got you covered.

The new solutions join other tried and trusted UNION products, to ensure you can turn to us whatever your door closer needs might be. This includes Door Sense, a safe, simple and legal retrofit device that holds fire doors open but automatically closes if a fire alarm sounds, and Retro V, an easy way of replacing old door closers without risking a fire door’s certification.”

For more information on the new UNION CE26V, SC-CE3F, or CE4F-E door closers, please visit https://www.uniononline.co.uk/en/site/union-online/products/door- closers/.

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