Vimpex Adds Fire Door Coordinator to Door Holder Range

Vimpex Ltd, Europe’s leading independent manufacturer of fire alarm ancillaries, has added a Fire Door Coordinator – which ensures that a pair of self-closing fire doors will always close in the correct sequence, enabling each door leaf to shut fully, and help to maintain the fire integrity of the doors – to its door holder product range.

If double fire doors don’t close in the correct sequence they will not close in the middle and leave a gap for dangerous smoke and gases to pass through.  This is particularly important for fire-rated doors and self-latching security doors as it maintains the doors seal thus eliminating the need for human intervention. 

COVID-19 has presented many challenges for businesses, one of these being able to reduce the risk of infection in the workplace which sometimes leaves businesses  no choice but to leave fire doors open, increasing the risk of self-closing double doors to fall out of sequence. 

The fire door coordinator can be used on both fire rated and non-fire rated door sets and has a wide range of finishes. It is a smart and discrete product which is easy  for the installer to fit and for the end-user to maintain. 

Vimpex is Europe’s leading independent manufacturer and distributor of high-quality fire evacuation and alarm system products for installers, distributors and OEM  manufacturers. The company is also a specialist in the supply of technical rescue and PPE equipment for the UK’s fire, rescue, police, military and emergency services teams. 

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