The American security super brand, Master Lock, is proud to extend its range of key lock boxes with the launch of the easy-to-install Universal Select Access Key Lock Box.

This exciting new addition offers portable and convenient access to your keys/fobs. It is the only integrated lock box product on the market to feature an adjustable shackle for secure use on almost any type of door handle. Perfect for Airbnb hosts who want to easily share access to their space without the hassle of wall mounting.

The Universal Select Access Key Lock Box is a key and card storage device which ensures robust security with a customisable combination key. The adjustable shackle offers versatile installation options since it can be easily fixed and removed from door handles in varying shapes and sizes including levers and knobs. This removes the need to drill holes for a permanent fixing and makes it perfect for renters as a temporary access solution.

Users can open the Universal Select Access Key Lock Box by pre-setting a four- digit combination code, meaning there is up to 10,000 different code possibilities. Each dial is evenly spaced out to allow for easy code entry and prevents any misdials. The easy grip opening lever has also been cleverly designed for comfortable use since it is wider than most models on the market and offers ample surface area to push down. This is also a beneficial feature for those who suffer with joint pains and hand mobility.

The key safe features a zinc construction with a hidden hinge and recessed internal compartment for robust resistance against jamming and attacks. The solid body is a further line of defense which helps withstand hammering and sawing, and the clever door design offers even a further challenge to lever attacks. An overall robust design that is sure to keep your keys secure.

The Universal Select Access Key Lock Box boasts a large internal cavity (8.8 x 5.7 x 3.2 cm) which provides secure storage for multiple keys and/or access cards. You can be sure that your items will be safe from the elements thanks to a front weather cover to protect against freezing and rain. Master Lock’s 90-plus years of security expertise means users can rely on a product that has been perfected and designed from the ground up by a team of dedicated security professionals at the brand’s headquarters in Wisconsin, USA.

The Master Lock 5420EURD Universal Select Access Key Lock Box is available from a variety of retailers including For more information please visit – SRP from ***£39.90

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