CDVI, a leading global access control manufacturer, is helping businesses make their premises safer and more hygienic to control the spread of COVID-19. 

Doorways and entrances are some of the highest-risk locations for virus transmission in a workplace, with high levels of traffic and often multiple shared surfaces. CDVI’s door automation solutions and touchless product range massively reduce the risk of transmission by eliminating the need for physical contact with door handles or exit buttons. 

Additionally, CDVI offers innovative solutions for facilitating safe physical distancing in the workplace. The ATRIUM access control system’s counting function can be programmed to limit the number of people allowed into a room, automatically locking the door once the limit is reached. The new Traffic Light Entry kit helps to control the flow of people into a premises by showing red and green lights to clearly indicate when it is or is not safe to enter. 

CDVI’s products and solutions are perfectly suited to helping businesses get their staff back to work, while always prioritising their safety and security. We offer a number of easy-to-use kits containing everything you need to install an effective solution, and our technical team are on hand working from home to support installers when necessary.” – Paul Ramsay, General Manager, CDVI UK

About CDVI
The CDVI Group is a worldwide manufacturer of leading-edge security solutions, from access control and locking to door automation and next-generation biometric entry systems. CDVI offers high-quality, high-performance products to enhance security and improve mobility in any commercial or residential building, while making installation and operation quick and easy.

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