Public urged to safeguard homes during lockdown

Boundary, the smart home security specialist, has urged the public to take simple but effective measures to protect their property during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The latest figures according to the Scottish Government and the Office for National Statistics show that between 2018 – 2019, there were 13,777 thefts by housebreaking in Scotland, equating to 37 per day. During the same timeframe, there were 265,922 recorded residential burglaries in England and Wales, the equivalent to 728 per day.

With these figures in mind, and with the recent spike in distraction burglaries since the outbreak of COVID-19, Boundary is encouraging extra vigilance during this time.

Robin Knox, CEO of Boundary, said: “As we continue to live in lockdown, many of us are guilty of relaxing our home security measures, including leaving windows open or back doors unlocked to let children come and go into the garden. It is for these reasons that we are encouraging people to follow simple and practical measures to safeguard their homes and avoid the trauma of being burgled.

“Consider varying your routine. While we are all indoors for the majority of the day, lots of us are getting into a routine of a run or walk before or after working hours, leaving the property vacant. Many burglaries are committed by someone living close by, who can watch and learn a routine, so consider mixing it up.

“If you have deadlocks on windows already, use them. If breaking into a home risks attracting attention due to excessive noise, risk of injury or increased time on site, a thief is less likely to follow through.”

He continued: “Sadly, there have been increasing reports of distraction burglaries since the outbreak of COVID-19, with criminals posing as NHS workers going door-to-door conducting fake virus tests. If someone comes to your door, always ask for identification.

“Vulnerable people who are isolating are also being targeted by thieves offering to do their essential shopping. Only rely on trusted friends, families or neighbours.

“Finally, lock up expensive items like gardening tools or bikes, and keep valuables out of sight away from prying eyes walking past”.

Many Brits still admit to hiding a spare key under their doormat or behind a plant pot. Leaving them with a trusted neighbour, friend or family member is far safer.

In summer 2020, Boundary will officially launch its accessible and affordable smart home security system – the first in the UK to offer a police response. Boundary also has plans to launch a neighbourhood watch platform shortly afterwards, linking neighbours and allowing information sharing, as well as alarm notifications via mobile alerts.

The company aims to revolutionise the home security market further by launching an outdoor security camera that will embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI) to spot and engage with potential intruders. The affordable outdoor security camera, which is set to launch next year, will use machine vision to classify events captured within the parameters of the home, including being able to determine whether a person has good or malicious intent as soon as they set foot on someone’s private property.

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