I have reached an age where I have decided mini holibobs are the answer. Normally I zip to Spain but with the European problem unresolved I am not sure until it has been settled what to make of it. Will my car/insurance/license/health be covered/legal or a problem.

But this has led to another small problem, 3 dogs, many holiday homes welcome dogs but they are usually mobile/holiday caravans of an older nature older means maybe more knackered locks, less secure cylinders, unrestricted keys who has the key to my holiday home?

Now if someone needs a pair of slightly worn M&S boxer shorts – welcome, my laptop or my MP3 keep your hands off. But what do you do when you’re off to the beach, for a long doggy walk, shopping or this week Wife going to work one day So I will drop her off, nip home and then pick her up and come back. The key was housed in a keysafe the combination had not been changed for years- OK I took the key out but who knows.

So my laptop will be all alone all day, I don’t expect neighbours in other vans will be home or if they see a geezer opening a door they would think to challenge them.

So a problem to be solved. Think….. Aha a lockdown laptop case! Ding! Now I saw such a device at one of my Lockexpo’s from Phoenix safes. The Milano was the one I chose; there is a slightly cheaper Madrid as well. You could take either with you into a meeting or onto a customer’s premises, train, plane or bus station. The inside is like any briefcase – room for pens, cards, notepads etc. and a 17 inch laptop fits easily with room for other kit. The securing cable has a loop and you can fit it around any stable object – So on a train need to go P then fix it to the table or maybe the luggage rack. In a café working, same goes. Here in the seaside caravan I attached it to the single bed. Look silly taking the bed and briefcase along the site.

The lid secures with two digital locks and the cable locks through a tongue with a radial pin key, the cable is about one metre long and probably 15mm thick very strong armoured cable.

You would have to pick your anchor point a bedframe, metal table or similar even a chair if you’re in a large meeting. Would save the ooops I thought it was my laptop sorry. Leaving it in the car loop around the seat frame or even the steering wheel – drive that away buddy!

Worth a hard think if you going to exhibitions, your van/car would be outside for hours, or the hotel room empty for hours- is it worth the risk? Nope not for me.


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