Tried and tested a bit more! M&C modular cylinders

As I said in my last article Lockexpo is just around the corner and the sponsor this year is new to the UK, M&C BV from the Netherlands – Holland to you and me.

A fantastic never-before-seen cylinder and key system. The whole range is modular, meaning any size cylinder can be made on site in under 10 mins.

I heard the “HOW?” from here!

So here is a short picture show:

The standard 30/30 cylinder (Ok then, with cam 35×35) – remove the spline key – see the hole in the left cylinder? Dismantle – Oh watch for bit falling onto the floor – AMHIKS*

Select the extension kit.

I laid the bits out as I had never done a modular cylinder before.

Add the bridge and lock down with the supplied Allen bolt, add the cam and locate the cam drive in the correct way (oops got it wrong first try) then add the second side.

Add the thumbturn and lock it all up. I didn’t drive the splines in so it can be re-used at the show.

Done job I have converted a 30/30 to a 45/40 with turn. Time including the camera not recording and doing it again: 30 mins – actual time about 10 mins – doable on site never ever have to go back for another cylinder again.

All the cylinders are anti bump, anti pick, snap and drill resistant, all can be opened from the other side if a key is left in the cylinder, side bars add to the equation – and cylinders are interchangeable. Their UK Technical Lead is Nigel Tolley, and I’ve asked him to write us an article about how they can be keyed alike or mastered by the locksmith. Look out for that in the next week or so.

M&C will be on Stand B16 at Lockexpo. They will have top level experts at the show, not salesmen but genuine locksmiths who have used and developed this system. If you want to pick Nigel’s brains before that, though, you can often find him on the PLF.

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