Two Thirds of Britons Have Had to Break Into Their Own Homes

A new study has found that 90% of Britons have locked themselves out of their homes, and two thirds of these have had to break in to their own homes.

The majority of British residents have had to break into their own homes after locking themselves out, causing an estimated £175 worth of damage each time. What’s more, the majority of British homeowners don’t trust anybody enough to give them a spare key; with only 43% of Britons now leaving a spare key with their neighbours.

The team at the UK’s leading windows styling company conducted the study polling 2,462 people over the age of 18, who either own or rent their own home. All participants were spread evenly across each of the UK regions. Respondents were initially asked if they had ever locked themselves out of their home, to which 90% responded that they had.

68% of those who found themselves locked out had to break into their own home, 54% said that they rang someone they lived with and 30% called their landlord. Those who’d had to break into their own home were asked the estimated damage to the property during the incident, and the average came out at £175 per break in.

All respondents were also asked if they entrusted anyone to leave a key with them, to which 57% stated that they didn’t. Of those who did give a spare key to others, the majority were parents (63%), siblings (22%) and friends (18%). Neighbours were far less likely to be given keys, with just 7%, beaten by work colleagues (11%) and even ex-partners (8%).

All participants were asked to disclose which region of the UK they came from. Of the people who broke into their own homes, the majority were from the North East (28%), Scotland (19%) and Northern Ireland (14%).

Sydney Smith, Marketing Manager for made the following comments on the findings:

“There is no worse feeling than getting home after a long day at work, then reaching into your pocket or bag to find that your keys aren’t in there. The fact that the majority of people would rather break into their own house than trust someone else with a spare key says a lot! Perhaps everyone should spend more time getting to know their neighbours to avoid this eventuality.”

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