ABUS Mechatronic Locking System: Security – Control – Convenience

ABUS’ Mechatronic range of door cylinders use cutting edge electronic technology combined with mechanical cylinder security for total access control and convenience.

The innovative CodeLoxx cylinder range, manufactured in ABUS’ Seccor factory in Germany, offers a combination of protection against intrusion, using either, a digital combination code which can be set between 4, 5 and 6 digits, or an encrypted electronic key, or proximity tags and card. The cylinder body is completely robust and reinforced internally with anti-drill protection, plus the convenience and security that any lost key can be deprogrammed preventing unauthorised use. CodeLoxx also has the flexibility of combination codes that be set for different people at different times, allowing flexible but secure access control to both homes and commercial premises.

The sleek electronic double knob cylinder of the CodeLoxx with Combination Code combines the advantages of a key system with the total convenience of access using only a combination code.

“Authorised personnel can gain simple entry via the combination code entered using the numeric combination ring making the CodeLoxx in terms of functionality, ease of use and design, completely unique. We have a genuine USP with Codeloxx” explains Christian Meyers, CEO of ABUS Seccor. The door knob is rotated to the set digits and confirmed with a gentle press. After entering the four to six digit code, the door can then be opened, allowing an alternative keyless entry.

CodeLoxx cylinders can be set up and maintained with ease. Where one or two cylinders are used a manual programming key can be inserted into the cylinder followed by the code, key, tag or card. Alternatively for installations where multiple cylinders and users are in use, it is recommended to use the transfer box and software program.

The Codeloxx range is available in both double Thumbturn and half Euro cylinders variants with options that include offset sizes and half Euro cylinders versions all able of handing up to 511 users as standard. Additional functions include a version that can link into alarm systems that enables users to gain access via the Codeloxx cylinder which automatically de-activates the alarm system. Further functions include as standard data logging of the last 1000 events. Additional features available include specified time stamp functions, along with ‘ultra’ drill protection and panic function.

Powered by a single CR2 battery the cylinders operate for approximately 60,000 openings with a warning light advising of low battery condition that still allows for a further 500 openings. The Codeloxx cylinders are an ideal new application for domestic or commercial use to upgrade standard Eurocylinders. Codeloxx can be fitted to wooden doors fitted with a Euro sashlock case or UVPC doors fitted, including doors with a multipoint lock mechanism. No extra power, wiring or adjustment to the door is required.

The cylinders bodies are of a modular design making size adjustment an easy task by use of extension pieces available in 5mm incremental sizes. The modular concept is also ideal for distributors who need only stock a single cylinder size along with modular extensions to cover a wide range of cylinder sizes. Add to this a quick install and Codeloxx provides professional lock installers with a cost effective access control solution to users who can then easily adjust access to their premises for both long-term and temporary use.

After gaining commitment from the MLA show from several locksmiths and subsequent further major national distribution commitment, ABUS UK’s sales Director David Hudson commented:

“The Codeloxx range is a perfect piece of icing on the ABUS security cake. The combination of flexibility and security offers any security specialist distributor a great new opportunity to gain real new sales for both commercial and domestic applications. We are delighted with the product and the uptake.”

To assist with marketing of the Codeloxx range two counter display demonstration units are available.

For further details on these, Codeloxx and the complete ABUS security portfolio please contact ABUS UK.

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