Shear bolts have traditionally been an expensive product and normally available only to special order on extended lead times.

Integrity Products has changed that with the IP Shear Bolt, a patent pending innovation. This permanent high security fastening will give many benefits. In addition to reduced cost and lead time, an extensive size range is offered and the ability to control the application torque is inherent.

Now with the launch of a dedicated website, these products together with associated low cost tooling and a comprehensive range of shear nuts is available to purchase online through

A2-70 Stainless Steel together with Steel in both Zinc and Hot Dip Galvanised finishes are available together with low cost application tooling.

How it was developed
A client in North America had an application where a bolt fixing was to be installed requiring a very narrow torque range whilst at the same time achieving a high level of tamper resistance. Integrity Products were able to design and supply a special but very competitively priced, IP Shearbolt with a shear feature to accurately meet their requirements.

Typical uses are handrails, street furniture, security fencing, parapets and balustrades and the bolts can be used in conjunction with Shear Nuts.



Integrity Products has also designed other security fasteners for a host of applications which can be found at

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