Domestic PVC-U Door Access Control

Mick Friend gives the Keylex 700M from Securikey a good going over in his search for a decent answer to domestic access control via the ubiquitous plastic door.

I have been working with the Keylex 700M from Securikey as a possible answer to domestic access control especially if there is a handle inside and out and you have to lock it every time you go in.


Well not anymore. The keylex 700m replaces the outside handle with a keypad programmable and easy to change. This could be extra profit for you.

We know the police advice is to keep your door secure but easier said than done if you have a double euro fitted, you have to unlock go in and then relock… and when the doorbell goes, find the keys which you accidentally put in the fridge with the salad and unlock again.

Delivery guys wait mmmm about 9 nanoseconds before they push the ‘while you were out’ card and thrash off. Kids with keys and the possible loss – overcome.

It is a heavy and well made unit. The weight gives the impression of a quality build. I have been using it for about a month with no problems.

It is easy to fit although you do need to drill a through hole above the lockcase. The lock has long through posts to give it strength.


Code change
While changing the code is easy it does have to be removed from the door and the spindle set in the correct alignment otherwise it will jam and you may not know until it’s on the door and you close it to test it…….. AMHIKS.

Spare keys – leave them no more
As the insurers are getting uncomfortable with keys in boxes on the wall outside this could be an answer. The lock can still be deadlocked with a key and the two cylinder escutcheons have a mm or two play in them so you can get a good fit.

The lock comes flat and you have to move the lockside handle to the correct hand and then insert a grub screw to prevent it being moved. In the event it is forced, it will default to the handle being down and just needs to be reset. The code is needed to lift as well as depress the handle. But for kick it close/secure door I like it.

The escutcheon’s can be swopped for 72mm Centres and the lock is available in the fixing rods 45mm so it can be used on wooden doors – a Bronze finish is also shown. It is expensive at around £360 + VAT but as I said it is solid and should last a long time.

If this is a ‘proper’ fire exit you couldn’t but I know a lot of premises where the staff door is also fitted with a panic bar and has to be left open for staff to get in and out. There is a proper exit as well, just the builder found it easier to slam in two identical doors.

Changing the code is easy the buttons have a turn button on the back if the line on the button faces in towards the raised line on the case the number is set – if it faces out not set. As I said above the spindle must be as described with the single dot uppermost or it just jams – there is a good drilling template in the box and fitting instructions. The key will  over-ride the code if the lock sashbolt can be withdrawn by the key.

Worthy of considering for your next tricky job.

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