www.The-EasyLock.com has polled 2000 holidaymakers and business travellers who have stayed away in the past 5 years in order to ascertain just how safe individuals and families are when staying in hotels, B&Bs & rental accommodation, and how much we are at risk of losing.

The survey reveals that the average holidaymaker’s suitcase is now worth an astonishing £3,141, with items packed into suitcases including mobile phones, tablets, eReaders, digital cameras and designer items.

The survey also alarmingly revealed that over half (51% of those questioned) had or knew of someone who had an item stolen from their room whilst they were actually in it, with over 70.66% being either asleep, in the bathroom or otherwise distracted when the theft took place, also raising serious issues of personal safety. Cash, jewellery, mobile phones and cameras were amongst the most commonly stolen items. Most of these thefts recorded were in Spain. The survey went on to reveal that a surprising one in three of us (32.3% ) leave valuables in sight in our room, and a shocking 44% percent said they often don’t use the safe when staying in a hotel room.

Bob Fitzjohn created The EasyLock, a portable locking system that locks your door from the inside, after his door lock was overridden when he and his wife were staying in a hotel in Asia: He said: “Many individuals aren’t aware of how simple it is for experienced and even inexperienced thieves to enter a room, even if it’s locked. After our experience in Asia I decided an alternative was needed to propping chairs, doorstops, books etc against hotel doors, hoping for the best, and sleeping with one eye open. I invented a portable lock that could fit in your pocket but would be as strong as steel to keep my family and grandchildren safe when they stayed away from home. I’m staggered to see this survey also revealing that 48.9% don’t know that a hotel lock can be overridden by burglars even when locked from the inside. Individuals and their possessions are at serious risk. I hope that this survey will help to alert the public to the dangers that they’re facing when they’re travelling away from home.”

More amazingly, over a fifth of holiday-makers admitted that they don’t always take out travel insurance before going abroad. O f those that do take out insurance, almost half confessed to not checking which of their belongings would be covered if they were a victim of theft.

The survey also highlights that 36% say personal safety has a bearing on choice of travel destination and over a quarter (26% ) say that concerns about safety prevent them from travelling alone.

Bob concludes: “As a nation we are attached to our valuable items, even when it comes to taking a holiday, particularly electronic items such as laptops, iPads and mobile phones. When you’re relaxed and having fun it’s easy to let your guard down when it comes to security, especially when in the apparent safety of a hotel room. But if you value your personal possessions and want to keep yourself and your family safe when staying away from home you really should find a way to ensure that your room can’t be broken into.”

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