Have You Ever Had A Dream? = Bob Can Fitz It for You

Many of us have had thoughts of ‘if only I could make that’ or ‘I need a’ or ‘I wish someone would make this’. Well Bob Fitzjohn, ‘Fitz’ to his mates, is the man making his and others' dream come true. Here is his story.

The EasyLock was created by entrepreneur Bob Fitzjohn as a product that can provide security to travellers, renters, students and anyone young or old that needs an extra level of security to their room.

He says: “My thoughts were with my grandchildren when I designed The EasyLock. My thoughts were that one day my children would be off travelling the world and I wanted to create a solution that would keep them 100% safe & sound -no matter where they stayed.

“My thinking in creating the lock developed into wanting to provide all others that may find themselves in a vulnerable position with complete security, whether a student in cheap lodgings, an isolated elderly person who fears living alone or simply you or I when you stay in a B&B or hotel.

The beginning
“I talked to manufacturers about the possibility of designing a lock that could have the strength of steel with the lightness of plastic whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It needed to be:

• Simple - easy to install and remove in seconds
• It needed to be practical - to allow the user to maintain security whilst opening the door to confirm visitors
• It needed to be strong - unbreakable but lightweight
• It needed to be inexpensive - to allow it to be available to all
• It needed to be portable - easy to put in a purse or pocket
• It needed to be attractive - aesthetics were important.

“I feel that I have fulfilled all of my criteria. I now have developed a lock that I believe is the World's lightest and most practical temporary door lock. It will give you security and privacy and is small enough to be carried with you anywhere.

“Design and then manufacture are two different things. So Bob decided to try and fund this by ‘Crowndfunding’ via Indiegogo. This quirky gadget was so well received by the public that it reached its full funding in a very short time.

“Following the successful Indiegogo campaign the tools and dies have been created and the first sample pre-production locks have been manufactured and approved. The locks are now in full production with the initial supply due at the end of October 2014.

See it and assess it
“If you have bedsits, student accommodation, hostels or hotels near you or even have family in one of those establishments it may be worth and selling these excellent devices.”

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