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SALTO Systems has earned itself a reputation for delivering secure, easy-to-install next generation electronic locking solutions without wires and without mechanical keys. Security, manageability and scalability are the company’s watchwords as it sells its products in over 90 countries through subsidiaries and/or offices in 24 countries.

SALTO Systems’ success has been built on two technologies – its highly regarded XS4 access control platform and its SVN Virtual Network (SVN) technology.
The XS4 electronic handle needs no hard wiring and provides a wire-free networked electronic locking solution with an impressive range of features. The XS4 system and its many individual model variations is designed to fit easily on most standard doors, and work with the majority of European, Scandinavian and Australian mortise locks.

SALTO’s SVN Data-on-Card technology platform provides an advanced system that allows stand-alone electronic escutcheons to read, receive and write information via its operating smart cards or ‘intelligent’ keys. It works when
this data is captured from the cards at SVN online IP access points located at strategic points around a building or group of buildings. The ‘updating points’ upload and download user related information that is then used to permit, control or deny access.

Late in 2013 SALTO launched Clay by SALTO, a secure new easy to use and install cloud-based wireless locking solution to give users the ability to control their building access remotely and manage it in real-time via any device with an 3G connection such as iPhones, iPads etc, providing security that is both flexible and future-proof. This year at IFSEC London the company launched XS4 Mini, the latest member of its new XS4 product family.

The XS4 system from SALTO has been around for a few years now, and whilst regularly updated, SALTO decided it was time to raise the bar on this already high standard. To do this it has introduced a completely new product to ensure both a building’s security and design are taken to a new level.

The benefits of electronic access control require no explanation and the XS4 Mini is part of a broad initiative of brand new products that follow the company’s concept of developing innovative access control products with state-of-the art technology and an attractive design.

XS4 Mini is a smart, secure access solution housed within a small door handle design for easy mechanical key replacement. It supports standard profile lock cases (not included with the product), and is compatible with a wide range of mainstream RFID brands such as NFC (Near Field Communication) DESFire, DESFireEV1, Mifare, Mifare plus and Ultralight C allowing multi-application use with third party systems using one card.

The unit is operated simply by holding up a contactless credential to the reader and is suitable for use on internal doors. It is powered by three alkaline AA batteries, and battery life is quoted as 40,000 plus operations, equating to three years of normal operation on one set of batteries Unlike some other types of access control solution, XS4 Mini does not need to be ‘woken up’ to gain entry to a room. Presentation of the contactless card instantly and simultaneously verifies whether the user is authorised to enter, checks battery status and any updates for the users card and immediately operates the door with no delay without any fumbling or pressing of buttons to wake the unit up or provide power.

The XS4 Mini’s compact size – 58.5mm x 127mm x 22.5mm – is also combined with a modern large LED aesthetic, to clearly indicate when access is granted with a green light or refused with a red light. The new LED was developed to make for an easier user experience and to see the door status. Deep inside the lock its antenna has also been redesigned so that it now reads credentials faster than ever before and covers the entire area above the handle. This means users do not have to present the credential to a particular spot on the reader to gain access to the room.

This overall look of the product marks a new design language from SALTO that the market will see in the coming months as the XS4 Mini family continues to grow with a long-plate version to be called XS4 One, new XS4 wall readers, XS4 GEO cylinders and an XS4 controller following.

With regard to battery life, when the batteries are down to their last 1000 operations, an audible warning of 4 slow deep tones, followed by the sound of the motor will be signalled at the door to make the user aware of the deteriorating power situation. At the same time low battery power indication can be monitored through the SVN as low battery status information is written onto the contactless card and then passed on to the access systems operating software.

Should these indications be neglected or ignored and the batteries allowed to exhaust themselves (The lock can always be opened from the inside as a single action panic feature works in conjunction with the relevant mortise lock) the door can be operated using a wireless contactless Portable Programmer Device (PPD )that communicates with the XS4 Mini via NFC technology.

The unit is 100% compatible with standard SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) and SALTO Wireless Network technology but in a mini size, with mini installation needs and on an updated technology basis. Embedded in the heart of the product is also the latest in ultrafast microprocessor technology, ready for the connected world, and open and future-proof for online connection, wireless technology and NFC.

With XS4 Mini there is no need to worry about special tooling or carpentry skills to fit the unit to a door. Installation couldn’t be simpler, just remove the existing handle set from the door and install. No complicated retrofit is required making the unit perfect for quick and easy fitting on new build, upgrade and refurbishment projects.

The XS4 Mini has been designed for straightforward installation, without hard wiring or invasive work on the door, and this results in increased levels of security and control because doors maintain their integrity.

It is built in two halves, and incorporates security protection via high resistance, hardened antidrill plates to protect wiring and the reader area. Additional protection is provided by a steel reinforced frame which provides
superior structural integrity to
the overall unit.

The two halves of the unit are joined together by two long screws. Thanks to this ingenious new minimal-drill hardware, (only two holes are needed for DIN Euro profile locks and Australian locks and with Scandinavian locks the system just fits to the holes that are already at the door) doors can maintain their fire certificates because no additional drilling, or alteration to the door, is needed.

Why do I want it?
The major reason for wanting an access control solution whether it be hard wired (complex, intrusive and expensive) or a stand-alone battery operated wire free or wireless system (much less expensive, more versatile and more secure) is that managing keys, doors and users is a nightmare for most building operators.

Keys are easily lost or copied and the cost of re-keying even a relatively small percentage of a building’s doors each year – good for the locksmith but not good for the building owner – can easily justify the return on investment of an electronic access control system.

The XS4 Mini provides a perfect entry point and a high level of security and can be programmed to allow access to specific rooms or areas for selected periods or days only, with doors auto locking at pre-specified times if required. Its sleek plastic reader is available in two colours – white and black, and it comes with a wide choice of functional and stylish handles suitable for use on any type of door.

It can support up to 4 million users and 64,000 doors in one system, while other features include multiple time zones and calendars, and more than 10 different opening modes including standard, free passage ability, free passage with automatic locking, automatic opening, toggle and timed toggle etc. It is also DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant (depending on handle type chosen).

XS4 Mini also provides users with the ability to control who can access specific areas at specific times of day. The ability to assign access privileges for fixed periods of your choice. Audit trailing enables the smart ‘key’ card to provide information on the movement of staff, visitors and contractors through all doors, thus enabling users in the event of a security incident to see who accessed a particular door and when.

It also has the ability to issue temporary passes to visitors with restricted access and within a restricted timeframe. The ability to provide contractors with access control cards that can be disabled when they are not required on site, the cards being enabled when they are on site for the locations they need to visit. Emergency lockdown – in the event of a security incident or other emergency – the site can be locked down simply and quickly. A lost card can be cancelled immediately and replaced within seconds. If the lost card is found and access attempted, it will not work.

Significantly more advanced than any other electronic lock on the market, the new XS4 Mini has been designed to provide end users, architects, security specifiers and installers with an aesthetically pleasing product that enables them to convert all their doors into smart doors, covering their security needs today and future needs tomorrow.

More information
SALTO Systems has launched a dedicated website for theXS4 Mini access control solution. The new website has been designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience and allow visitors to discover everything about the new XS4 Mini.

The website has been designed using the latest technology and using augmented reality incorporates a handy 360° viewer allowing you to see a virtual preview of how the XS4 Mini product will look on a door from any angle. SALTO Systems is the first access control manufacturer to launch an electronic lock on a 3D Mobile Device App. Just download the XS4 Mini App to your phone or tablet and preview how the different models will look in any installation.

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