S-Steel GSM Door-Entry Solution For Residential And Commercial

Urmet, a door-entry and access control manufacturer, has introduced its easy-to-use access control solution that operates via GSM. The intercom units, which are available with Urmet’s award winning S-Steel panel, use a SIM card for communication and access control. When activated, a call is established to a pre-designated number – either a landline or a mobile telephone – creating a line of communication and giving the user the ability to open up to two access points.

Door phone/telephone interfaces
The self-contained door unit, consists of a door panel, antenna and PSU and will work with a SIM card from any operator, enabling access points to be controlled using a mobile telephone or landline. Installation is quick and there is no need for additional cabling to the unit, apart from mains power. With up to 62 programmable button options available, this solution is ideal for both residential and commercial buildings and is predominantly used for gate installation where the distance from the gate to the house or building is very large. In a block of flats, for example, the door panel can call a resident’s landline, or divert to their mobile so that they are aware of who is visiting their home. The resident can then answer accordingly.

With the in-built technology, the resident is able to open up to two access points in the building using the telephone keypad. This might be the gate to the property and the front door to the living quarters. Users are also able to dial in and, using a password, open an access point when not at the property By interfacing with pre-existing telephones costs are greatly reduced, as cabling throughout the building and the installation of intercom panels at all points are no longer required. Pre-programming of numbers is also available, reducing installation time even further.

Over thirty million systems installed in over 60 countries worldwide are the measure of Urmet’s global dedication to manufacturing quality products.

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