High Security 158/65 Combination Padlock

The ABUS 158 range of combination padlocks offers a medium security level of keyless security with either 158/40mm with 3 combination dials or 158/50mm with 4 combination dials, having respectively 1,000 & 10,000 potential code combinations.

The 158 range was recently enhanced with a unique special addition 45mm Key Control (KC) version, where a master key override can be applied to lost combinations, which once opened with the master key a new combination can be set. A perfect solution for schools & leisure facilities.

These rugged general purpose padlocks, while not of ‘Marine’ grade, have high levels of chrome protection on the hardened shackle and the solid die cast body, and thus offer excellent long term indoor or outdoor protection.

Double bolting shackles are common throughout the whole 158 combination padlock range.

Brand new is the 158/65mm which ups the game of this durable and very popular combination range. With a solid 65mm body and through hardened 10mm shackle, combined with 5 dials and 100,000 code combinations, this new addition is a piece of genuine upmarket convenient security.

High security comes with the double convenience of keyless security set to the user’s unique 5 digit code, and dials placed clearly at the front of the padlock for faster opening. Most combinations padlocks have the dials either at the side or the bottom of the padlock, so the ABUS 158 range gives real convenience as well as genuine security.

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