ABUS Launches BSI*** Euro Cylinders

Lock manufacturer
ABUS was founded in 1924 in Volmarstein, Germany – that’s some 90 years ago. Originally known for making padlocks, by the 1970s euro cylinders had become a major part of ABUS production in Europe.

The European market for euro cylinders has developed over several decades with ABUS making many highly intelligent cylinder systems to form the brain of the security for many millions of European domestic doors. Parallel to this cylinder brain, the bones developed in the form of sophisticated door furniture. Together they ensure high security for European homes and buildings.

The UK euro cylinder market has followed but tended to take up lower priced solutions for domestic doors. Consequently cylinders often stand out from the door handle making them vulnerable to ‘snapping’, and, given the vast majority of UK domestic doors and cylinders use a standard ‘1A ’ section, equally vulnerable to ‘bumping’.


Hence BSI developed stringent UK standards to identify cylinders that either are anti-bump (BSI*), and if proven to be both antibump and anti-snap are awarded the prestigious BSI***.

Three star
Unfortunately as ABUS‘ European market simply does not need to protect cylinders from either bumping (as there are hundreds of different sections widely sold across Europe), or snapping (as correct size cylinders are supplied with continental high security door furniture), so ABUS’ need to develop a BSI*** cylinder was restricted to the UK market alone.

However, in our 90th anniversary year, ABUS are very proud to launch to the UK market their E90 BSI*** range of euro cylinders. This comprehensive addition to the ABUS portfolio further enhances the top class range of security products available from ABUS:

• Padlocks, chain, cable & hasps & staples, to secure every security application where door locks don’t apply.
• Specification cylinder suites keeping secure icon buildings from the Houses of Parliament to the Burj Arab Hotel.
• CCTV systems supplied for everything from simple domestic applications to total commercial visibility.

ABUS’ Portfolio now includes Padlocks, Cylinder Systems, CCTV & BSI*** Cylinders

Special features
Two special features distinguish the ABUS E90 BSI*** range. All double cylinders have the benefit of the door being opened from the outside, despite a key being retained in the inside of the cylinder. This is a huge benefit to carers, and any home with more than one resident. ABUS also build in an additional anti-snap measure on top of the cradle design, with a vertically placed screw that simply stops any antisnap tool being applied a second time to the remaining cylinder.

One other special feature that distinguishes the ABUS BSI*** range is of particular benefit to distributors. All offset sizes in the double cylinder range have the full anti-bump & anti-snap prevention mechanisms built in to BOTH ends of the cylinder. This means distributors do not need to duplicate stock of offset sizes, and installers cannot accidentally fit an ABUS cylinder with the non-protected cylinder end facing out.

Using the ever popular 1A keyway, with patent pending design, the ABUS E90 BSI*** range covers all UK sizes of double, thumbturn and half cylinders, with either brass or nickel finish and blister card or boxed presentation. Keyed alike options are also available. RRRps start at around £21 exc. VAT.

Due to the very competitive nature of the UK cylinder market, and to run parallel to ABUS UK’s distribution of specification cylinder suites and CCTV, the ABUS E90 cylinder range is available to all UK distributors direct from ABUS UK.

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