Avocet Hardware has come to the rescue of a Mirfield couple after their insurance company stated it would only replace locks that had been snapped by burglars with like-for-like replacements – a settlement that meant their home would have been left at as much risk as it was before the burglary.

Mark Davies and Ruth Harrison had their home broken into and ransacked by lock-snapping burglars and a host of prized possessions stolen, including Ruth’s £8,000 Mini Cooper.

Avocet, which is actively campaigning for the scale of the lock-snapping problem in the UK to be officially recognised and properly tackled, read of Mark and Ruth’s plight in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner and quickly offered to upgrade their home to its ABS snap-secure locks.

“Ruth and I knew next to nothing about lock-snapping before the burglary but did our research straight afterwards and we were staggered to discover the sheer scale of the problem,” Mark Davies said. “I was even more astonished when our insurance company said the locks they would fit would be the exact same ones that the burglars had snapped so easily in the first place.”

The problem, according to Raymond Pearce of Avocet Hardware is that not enough people are aware of the issue and so millions of homes across the UK are unwittingly at risk of a lock-snapping attack.

“Lock-snapping simply hasn’t been given the kind of prominence it needs thankfully, things are changing, as can be seen by recent features about the topic on ITV1’s This Morning and BBC1’s Watchdog Test House, but this alone won’t turn the tide.”

“We need a concerted campaign, involving the police, the national media, insurance companies and politicians, to inform the British public of the danger and let everyone decide for themselves if they want to take steps to properly secure their homes.”

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