I wonder how many of you have heard that the standard TS007 (owned and controlled by the GGF and DHF) has been upgraded?

Because the standard is not controlled by BSI there was no public consultation, only members of both those organisations had prior notice/consultation.

TS007 1 star cylinders are the basis of the current BSI Kite mark for cylinders (There is an EN 1303 test but it is not currently used for the Kitemarking of cylinders.)

The 1 Star cylinder with a 2 star hardware (i.e. handles) will give the required level of protection. You can of course use a three star cylinder.

However TS007 has now been enhanced with a cylinder pulling requirement. A screw is driven into the plug and 15kN (1.5 Tonne) force applied. If the lock is opened then the cylinder has failed. This test is almost equal to the three star standard. Pundits say it is a fair test ‘because the screw breaks’ They haven’t been using the correct screw then! Of course many of the cylinders will pass, I assume they have carried out ‘full testing’ anyway but if it passes the pull test why not get a 3 star rating?

The test specified in TS 007 is actually more severe than that in EN 1303. EN 1303 allows the test to be passed with the use of protective hardware (escutcheons etc.), TS 007 has removed this dispensation so the test must be carried out on a bare cylinder. I understand that if the sacrificial part is withdrawn then you are allowed a second go at the bit that is left.

This then begs the question can your current BS Rated cylinder pass this new test? I understand that even if your cylinder has just passed the requirements and been awarded the BS Kite Mark. There is a one year honeymoon period before these new standards will be enforced. What happens to the 2 star hardware as well? Seems a little pointless to have a 2 star handle if the BS Kite mark is really a TS 3 star in disguise.

I did ask anyone that I could for comments and my thanks to Avocet for their swift reply and helpful comments. Avocet have a 3 star cylinder as standard but I am told that a 1 star in being tested now and it passes the pull test.

Brisant Secure’s Adrian Vickers said they are aware of the change and have been working for some time to design out any deficiencies that may be found in their entire product range.

Whilst I see any upgrade of standards as a positive step towards customers security the pull test was in, then in the next iteration it wasn’t and now it is again – if I was a manufacturer I would be running up the walls by now.

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