SashSTOP started as an idea to help the mother-in-law of the inventor after she fell inside her own home.

Paul Batty, owner of Sutton Locksmiths in Hull, had made sure that her house was secure and she felt safe and reassured there. Yet by using sash jammers as additional security devices she had inadvertently locked herself in.

Paul had to gain entry (fortunately, being a locksmith, he knew what to do) in order to save her and get her checked out by the hospital.

Paul thought there had to be a better way to provide the additional security for her home, whilst not restricting access to those who ‘need’ access. It was this idea that has developed dramatically over the last few years into SashSTOP.

Lock Expo
Paul has been a regular attendee of the Lock Expo over the years, and it is through this network that he has built a fantastic set of contacts (and friends) that he has been able to run ideas by and get honest feedback from. Without this peer feedback it probably would not have given him the reassurance that his idea for the additional security product could become more than just an idea.

Paul took all feedback on-board and was met with absolutely minimal negativity, something that buoyed him to continue and progress further.

So with the idea firmly lodged, Paul took to his workshop and hand-crafted some initial ideas and concepts, mainly to see what was possible – but also to demonstrate and test just how he could go about creating an internal/external product that still offered additional security, reassurance and confidence to the end-user without putting them at unnecessary risk.

From initial prototypes he stumbled upon a new means of controlling the internal to external on and off mechanism, something that he developed further and further and has now applied to be patented.

His initial drawings led to mechanical drawings being produced and he opened up talks with a potential distributor within the industry. It was during this time where he used his extensive contacts to look for assistance in the manufacturing, production and promotion of his new product range – and it was a chap called Al who helped take Paul’s original prototypes and get it ready for mass-production.

The fundamental criteria for mass-production was to produce a product that could be relied upon by locksmiths, installers, and endusers. The range had to be better than some existing products that Paul was aware of. These cheaper products appeared to have been produced in the Far-East and have frequently failed when being installed, they are usually lighter in weight because of the lack of materials used and assumed costcutting by the factory.

It was exactly these kind of poor quality products that Paul wanted to learn from and greatly improve upon. Being a locksmith, Paul had seen enough of poorly made products failing – resulting in a call-out to a job which should have never happened. He spotted that keeping things simple and remaining logical could actually go a long way in terms of making homes and premises secure again.

UK manufacturer
Paul and Al both worked tirelessly and found a factory in the UK (near Birmingham) who felt confident that they could help to produce, not just the product that Paul had designed and crafted to date but also to ensure the quality of the product was a very high standard, and they were confident of meeting Paul’s high expectations.

The factory owners brought their ideas to the fore too and have helped give the product a look that could be described as a signature SashSTOP style.

The finish
The finish of the product was vitally important too, after all it is what is being touched, used and seen by the customers every day.

For initial ordering Paul designed a process to allow not just a powder-coated finish but also a chrome-plated finish as well – something he is excited to showcase and release publicly.

The SashSTOP product has been in development for a few years now but it was further meet-ups with fellow locksmiths that gave Paul the feedback to push forward and develop the product, making it easier and more convenient for installers – it also meant Paul could run another idea that he had by fellow locksmiths in exchange for their potentially brutal and honest feedback.

Doing a jig
This idea was actually for an Installation Jig to work seamlessly in supporting the SashSTOP product. It would allow installers to literally clamp on the jig to the sash/frame and drill the 3 holes effortlessly, cleanly and quickly – time after time.

Since suggesting the Installation Jig idea it has been met with an absolutely fantastic response and installers have said that they cannot wait to take stock and begin installing the SashSTOP on PVC-U and composite doors.

The SashSTOP Jig does make it easy to install a SashSTOP and certainly reduces the room for error, meaning a fantastic fit to the door – one that you can rely upon.

Product ordering
Having received such fantastic support from the installer and locksmith network already, SashSTOP wanted to give them the best care, by way of return, in the form of product ordering, supply and support. Whilst production of the SashSTOP was underway, the firm also invested heavily in making a streamlined platform for distribution so customers could begin to receive products and get using them, installing them and start reaping the rewards by offering them to their customers, safe in the knowledge that the initial investment in stock would soon be turned into profit – not just on the product but in the time savings and efficiency of installation.

The website is at Beneficial pricing to installers is obtained at checkout. Once registered for a Trade Account preferential account discounts will be triggered. Stock is issued on a first-come, first served basis.

LockExpo 2018
SashSTOP will be at LockExpo again on the 10th and 11th of March, with not one but TWO new products to launch. You can find them in the Concourse on stand C3.

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