Tried and Fitted ABUS TVAC 80020B

ABUS are known for their padlocks, accessories and now a great 3* cylinder and all sorts of physical security products but what about the electronic side? asks Mick Friend.

Picture 1
Video equipment has been available for some time and my eye was caught by this product a wireless CCTV entry system. It comes in a very nice presentation box and is well packed.

Picture 2
All the equipment is in individual boxes and there are two flying leads supplied. One is to power the outdoor unit and door release. This has bare tails and jack plug for the power supply lead. The other has bare ends and a pair of spade terminals to connect to the strike. The usual multi continent power supplies are also in the box.

Pictures 3 & 4
The outer panel is supplied in a housing and you will need 6 x AA batteries for this (not supplied). It has its own special tri point driver to release from the wall mount.

You need to remove the back of the outer camera unit to fit the batteries and I found it easy to also fit the cables. The wiring is clear. There is a supplied grommet to replace the plug in the small trap door in the backplate.

Picture 5
Fit the backplate to the wall using the 4 supplied screws and plugs but make sure you don’t over tighten them or you may distort the frame and prevent the camera being an easy refit.

Picture 6
Wiring the unit through the wall and the release took a few moments and before putting the back cover on I paired the units – easier to do now as the camera has to be off the wall and either the trapdoor or the back removed. Picture 5 shows the pairing button – it took a few seconds but it paired with no trouble with the charge in the monitor.

Power cable
The camera power cable has to be connected to the PSU but as the electrician had not arrived I left it connected to a roaming lead with the trunking ready to hide it once connected. I used a standard release and the hold open is around 4 seconds… time will tell if the old lady and her visitors are quick enough.

Clear picture
The monitor has a great clear picture and the control panels are clear and easy to use.

The camera boasts an infra red light and the monitor has a slot for a SDHC card (not supplied). I fitted a 4gb and that will mean carers and family can view who has called.

The unit has a lot of functions:
Date and time
Events can be placed in folders
Camera brightness can be altered
When the SD card is full it can be programmed to overwrite
You can output to a TV screen

It was easy to fit easy to setup and was very functional. I will now keep one in stock. It is a boon for older people who want to see who is at the door and at a very sensible price slot.

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