How To Upgrade A Standard Up & Over Garage Door

Tony Hadley describes how he set about upgrading his garage doors some
time ago – a done job that might need some tidying up but works as well today as when
he did it.

Wanting better security that does not shout from the street ‘HEY LOOK A BIG LOCKING DEVICE’ I decided on the AZBE locking bolts from Keyprint for my garage doors some years ago. I believe others do a similar device. They are not handed and are very heavy.

The construction is solid and in my opinion would withstand a huge load.

This garage was fitted with the standard ZA lock and had a plain edge along both sides.








I started by lining the bolts up and marking the fitting position and the cylinder hole to be cut. I used a step drill for the circle and the bottom on the euro and filed between them.

The door has a folded edge and I wanted to get the bolt behind the frame, so I made a wooden packer. If I had been doing this as a ‘job’ I would probably have used a wood stain to colour the block. My intention was to find a block of plastic and make a proper job… never did though and after 8 years these blocks are fine.

Fitting the lock, block and stainless coach bolts the lock was a bit tight so I packed behind the lock with big washers, actually helped tighten the nuts. I had to remove a bit of the door stop to miss the lock and the power file sorted that.

Fitted they look fine from the  outside and are quick and easy to use. You could fit the escutcheon but they drew the eye. I always intended to paint the door and the bolts but now 8 years on I may do it this summer… or maybe next. But finished they look OK.

I did try and get two keyed alike but after many requests gave up. The cylinders are cogged so I couldn’t make my own… well I could but didn’t want to mess about when it’s a done job?

Have a go yourself
I know the job looks a bit rough but it was a first go and I learnt a lot about fitting them. The next job was brillo and I have done a few since. It’s not hard work apart from working over your head. Have a look and next time have a go. It’s simple and easy to do and very effective. Oh you can open them from inside with the key as well.

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