GPS Tracking For Locksmiths

According to ACPO Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service, the Ford Transit van is top of the UK’s thief hit list.  The workman’s favourite van is the most popular vehicle to be stolen, and with a leading UK insurance company estimating the average contents of a commercial van being worth £1382, it is easy to see why!

But a locksmith does not have an average van.  Research has shown contents, on average, to be worth £10,000.  £5000 in bench machines, £2000 in tools and £3000 in stock.  Further, a locksmiths van is not just their transport, but their office, warehouse and their workshop.

A stolen van and stolen tools and stock, therefore results in a multitude of repercussions for the business and its owner. We know of at least five.

Sanjay Mistry of Trackit247 stated “We  are selling more and more of our vehicle trackers to locksmiths and looking at the figures involved, it’seasy to understand why.  Trackers allow stolen assets to be recovered with minimal disruption to a business, promptly and with their tools and equipment intact.”

The devices are small, powerful, mini live tracking GPS units.  They utilise a satellite based navigation system to track time and location information of the asset it is installed in.  The information is then transmitted via GPRS to the web based control panel and mobile app, where vehicle location, speed, routing and stop/start time can be monitored – either live or through its saved history reply.



David Swain of Speedy Keys said “By investing in vehicle tracking I know if my van is stolen, the recovery time will be quickened.  I depend on it for my livelihood and in these tough times I cannot afford to be without it.  Peace of mind more than justifies the small outlay for a tracker”

Trackit247 offer a low cost tracking solution with low monthly subscription, no activation costs and no contract. The tracking devices work straight out of the box and are easy to use and easy to implement. There is no need for specialist installation Most of the customers install the units themselves.

Many readers will remember the heart breaking pictures of the Birmingham MLA member who had their van literally ripped open like a can of beans, where machinery, transponders and remotes were stolen. Trackers can help alert owners to these sorts of incidents.  They can act as an alert as well. More recently the Locksmith who went to dinner with his wife on his return the patio doors smashed, keys taken and the van gone.

But low cost does not mean low tech.  The trackers are packed with advanced features.  All the devices have built in motion sensors.  When the device is armed via the online control panel or mobile app, it will instantly alert the owner via SMS text message and a audio visual warning on the web based control panel  when the device senses movement.  If the vehicle is rocked, not just when the vehicle physically moves its position.

Further features include Geo fence zoning, panic button, innovative web and mobile based tracking panel, extra long battery life and history saved for up to a year.

Geo Fencing                      A 360 degree perimeter ‘safety zone’ can be set around any area through the control panel. When the tracker breaks this barrier, either on entering, exiting or both, it will send an instant SMS to the owners mobile.  A Geo fence could be set, for example, around the business premises.  If the van is not used overnight, and the vehicle moves out of the area, the Geo fence text message is an early indicator that the van may have been stolen and a phone call can be made to the police, ensuring a quick recovery.

Panic Button                      If the panic button on the tracker is pressed, security mode is activated.  The tracking unit will immediately inform both the tracking panel and any mobile phones that have been nominated, that the panic button has been pressed.  The system sends out the location, address and map view via SMS allowing the nominated people to know something has happened and where.



Extra Long Battery Life  Devices contain rechargeable lithium batteries allowing you between 5 days and 2 months between charges depending on which unit is used.  Most of the models have the new battery save mode which allows the trackers batteries to last from 2 months to 18 months depending on device and settings used.  The trackers can also behard wired into the vehicles battery.

Innovative Control          Controlling a tracker could not be simpler.  Using the innovative web based control panel – addresses, mileage, speed, start/stop times – can all be viewed live and history of all with dates and time can be viewed for up to a year.  All trackers receive the mobile tracking application for free so assets can be tracked via iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or any other internet capable device

All these advanced features make these trackers an essential management tool.  Trackers not only assure asset security but also enable businesses to control costs and help gain competitive advantage in these tough economic climes.

Trackers can help business through

  • Improving Routing & Dispatching

By mapping and monitoring the routes drivers take through the online control panel, it is possible to check efficient routes are being used by every driver and no unauthorised journeys are being made.  This also results in lower fuel consumption

  • Increasing productivity and number of jobs completed per day

Get to your customers faster.  By knowing where employees are through the online control panel, it reduces the number of phone calls that need to made about which locksmith is where and when they are going to arrive at their job.  It also reduces the temptation for employees to take unscheduled breaks.

  • Better Driver Safety

By knowing the speed any given vehicle is driving at, it is easy to address bad driving habits before any serious incidents occur.  Reducing speed also means reducing fuel consumption.


We are offering locksmiths a special Tracking Deal  :

The Ti Prime PLUS GPS Tracker – Normal Price:  £179 +vat     Locksmiths  Special Price of £149 + vat  PLUS a free Hardwire charging Kit which  is normally £20 +vat…. a saving of  £50 ! See poster below:

There are also tracker to conceal inside plant and machinery with amazing battery life – your £16000 key cutter can tell you where it is anytime it gets lost!.

For your free demonstration or further information, please contact Trackit247 on or call the office 01923 608647 or have a look at our website


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