Who’s There?

Do you turn down requests for a simple intercom/door entry system? Why?

The Response electronics wireless door intercom is child’s play to install, if it takes you 15mins you have dawdled.

The CL60118 on its own works from the box (well almost). It is well packaged and all the bits are there to get it working in minutes.

The parts included are the base station/charger base and power adaptor. The handset with belt clip and rechargeable batteries, The outdoor call unit with fixing bracket and batteries. The even supply a couple of screws and plugs.

Unpack it all and insert the  batteries into the call unit – do check polarity because it’s not obvious – in the picture you will see the terminals if you are intending to use a door release – just above the terminals and not that clear is a small rubber bung, below which is the reset button.

The outside bracket is a simple slide and fit type and its is a little fiddly but very solid when sorted.

The bracket fixes with two screws and will fit on most door frames it is secured with a small fixing screw below the bracket.

Top tip 1.

Insert the batteries in the handset the day before you intend to install the unit

Drop the handset onto the base unit and leave for 15-18 hours, I suggest you remove them before leaving for the job so they are fully charged when you arrive and –

Top tip 2.

On arrival plug the base unit in, fit the batteries and drop the handset back on for a top up, I always suggest the base unit should be by the bed for the disabled and take the handset with them in the morning, it will last 18 hours with minimal use.

Fit the bracket and call unit to the outside and your done.

Test – if the unit has not paired read the instruction book, its very simple – if or when it has paired fit the locking screw to the call unit.

Now if you intend to fit a release or even connect to a unit there or an electric lock Response sell a 12V plug in mains unit  CLOSPSU, I use my own. There is a a release module which you must use CL366OUM  The batteries must be removed from the call unit and 4 wires taken to the unlock module. The terminals are all marked just make sure you follow them.  The 12V is attached to the two power terminals in the module and if you take one side of the release and connect WITH the Negative – THEN take a link wire from the positive to the Lock +  and the other side of the release to LOCK -. You will have a working circuit. Time is adjustable 1 to 10 seconds and the relay state can be change from normally open to normally closed.

I have fitted dozens of then with no call back. There is also a DECT version in that the telephone line can be connected to the base and the handset used to take calls AND ALSO release the door or talk to a caller. I found the elderly and some disabled this was a bridge to far and now stick to the basic unit. You can get an additional charge base and more handsets if you require them


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Phone: 0345-257-1000 –  Email: info@responseelectronics.com

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