SALTO Completes the Acquisition of Clay and Invests in Poly-Control/Danalock

Salto Systems S.L., announces the acquisition of the remainder shares in Clay, to become sole owner of the company; and the purchase of a significant equity share in Poly-Control, the manufacturer of Danalock.

With these important steps, Salto Systems, market leader in electronic locking, executes on its strategy by strengthening its leading position in both Cloud technology and Mobile Access, as well as Electronic Locks for the Residential market.

Clay, in which Salto already held a 60% stake, is the leading provider of Cloud technology for Smart locks through its Clay Locking Platform. Since its founding in 2012, the Clay Locking Platform has been the core of products such as; Salto KS (Keys as a Service), Prosegur Control de Accesos and very recently Regus, the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions. Clay is based in Amsterdam, currently employs 22 people, mainly software developers.

Poly-Control/Danalock, founded in 2003 is the technology and thought leader in Residential Smart locks; recently launched the 3rd version of their motorized Smartlock. Adapted to European, including Scandinavia, North American and Asian markets, Danalock V3 is tapping into the drive of keyless and connected locking solutions for residential properties on a global scale. The company works out of Harlev, Denmark and employs 20 people.

“We believe that electronic locks over time will fully replace mechanical locks. We have seen this happening significantly in commercial markets in the last decade, but now it is time to extend our focus to Residential markets and integration with Cloud technology” says Marc Handels, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer of Salto Systems. “We are extremely happy to announce today these investments in two great teams that lead their fields; and like Salto, both are founded by teams of talented entrepreneurs”.

While both Clay and Poly-Control will continue to operate independently and run their services as they do now, Salto says they look forward to combining their competencies and leverage the technical knowledge of both companies.

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