The necessity for access control can stem from security, safety and even convenience but what if you need to secure perimeter or fire access gates, industrial equipment yards or commercial storage areas.

Easy you might say just use a padlock. But what if you want wireless real time control and an audit trail? Well that’s the end of the road for the traditional padlock but all is not lost. With SALTO you can have the best of both worlds.

The XS4 GEO Electronic Padlock is a versatile locking solution that enables users to benefit from the advantages of electronic access control where previously it was only possible to use a mechanical locking solution.

Fully integrated with the SALTO XS4 platform, the XS4 GEO electronic padlock is made of brass with a polished chromium finish. Equipped with anti-drilling protection, it is available in body widths of 48mm or 58 mm, and with shackle lengths of 30 mm, 60 mm or 90 mm. User on card audit trailing capability is provided through SALTO’s Virtual Network technology and a wireless version is available for wireless real-time control.

Finally, as you would expect, the XS4 GEO Electronic Padlock is IP66 rated for outside use making it the versatile choice for access control in tough, external or internal environments.

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