GEO Server Lock Ensures Security Of Business Data

With the growth of the Cloud and ever increasing amounts of confidential data, both business and personal, being held on servers it is more important than ever that that such data is protected and secure against unauthorized access.

Specially designed to fit most swing handle server racks, the SALTO XS4 GEO cylinder for swing handles enables IT managers to fully control who can access the server racks and when. It provides a comprehensive wire free fully stand alone electronic access control solution to secure access to server racks in increasingly important and sensitive locations.

Installation is quick and simple. There are no lost key card problems to compromise security as a card can be cancelled instantly and new one re-issued. And thanks to its audit trail capability, the status of any server rack lock and a full record of every entry or attempted entry an be ascertained with the click of a mouse.

Available in six different colour finishes, it offers a choice of ID carriers including iButton, Legic Prime, Legic Advant, Mifare, DESfire , Mifare Ultralight C and is NFC compatible on contactless versions. IP 66 protection gives protection against the ingress of dust or moisture and a BioCote antimicrobial coating for the cylinder lock can also be specified.

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