The launch of the ABUS SmartVest Alarm and Smart Home system is a timely introduction into the growing Smart Home market. The system easily integrates its alarm package into ABUS’ well-developed CCTV programme and offers what consumers want from their Smart Home product, including that Smart Home Plug.

The system offers UK security customers a ‘smart’ out of the box alarm kit with a cutting edge easy to use app, making the system secure, ultra-convenient, and intuitive. Even better, the SmartVest alarm system can also be integrated with ABUS CCTV cameras, offering the perfect security package

The SmartVest range has generated keen interest thanks to its many features and benefits such as;-

– Simple guided installation thanks to step-by-step plug and play installation videos

– Intuitive operation via smartphone, tablet or wireless remote control

– Alarm, video, baby care and smart functions in one system and from just one app

– Add on flexibility thanks to a range of wireless components that can be individually combined and expanded

ABUS SmartVest provides ABUS distributors a smart security wireless system which they can confidently sell to consumers, being easy to install and convenient to use without any prior technical knowledge thanks to its plug-and-play capability. With a promotional RRP kit available at £234.62 + VAT and promotional sell in discounts, SmartVest adds up to a great deal.

Further details on the ABUS SmartVest range can be found on our website or you can contact our sales team on: 0117 204 7000 or

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