Yoursecurelocksmiths, Nottingham, with Jake Theisen as the English/German partner discovered the ABUS CodeLoxx product with its ease of use, security offering and suitability for his customers and managed to order them for his own premises from ABUS Germany.

Then a customer with a block of flats visited the business and loved Codeloxx, immediately recognising the flexibility and combined security offered and decided it should be fitted to every flat when vacant. Now each time a new flat without CodeLoxx becomes empty, one is ordered and fitted straight away.

In case you are wondering, Jake (who has now discovered and uses ABUS UK for all his ABUS Products) and the customer love using ABUS CodeLoxx so much because it’s easy to use adjustable modular design, its option to use an electronic Key Tag or code entry system with possible audit trail and its well-priced security. All in all “a great ABUS Product” says Jake.

See for yourself by visiting Jake’s own training video on how to fit the CodeLoxx as per link below and posted on You Tube or to see CodeLoxx as well as the new ABUS App based system, “wAppLoxx”


For more info on the whole range of ABUS security, please contact ABUS UK:

Tel:                   0117 204 7000



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