Restroom Occupancy Alert Light

You are sitting at your favorite coffee shop, restaurant or office. Suddenly nature calls. You feel the urge to go. But the restroom is out of sight. So you do what everyone else has to do. Start your trek toward your newfound destination with limited confidence that you can complete your business and get back to your seat. You try the door handle and suddenly you realize your plan is foiled. The door is locked! Drat! You hear a voice on the other side, “It’s occupied. I’ll be out soon.” Ya right, famous last words. Now you must either wait around until the person comes out or you go back to your chair and try again later. Either choice is going to be uncomfortable.

As you’re waiting, you think, “why doesn’t someone come up with an indicator to let me know ahead of time whether the restroom is occupied or not? This would save me a trip and a whole lot of embarrassment.”

Well finally, someone has. Heads-up Lock Company has now taken a wireless approach to taking the guesswork out of the age old question: is the restroom available or not?

This innovative indicator makes public restrooms user-friendly by enhancing customer knowledge.  It visibly shows whether public restrooms are occupied or vacant. It can be clearly seen from a distance. This patented and affordable device is hands-free, low maintenance and can be installed in all existing single stall restrooms.

That means No more embarrassing moments…no more wondering …no more hassles!  Standing in line is not beneficial to the store owner or the customers. Customers will spend less time waiting in lines and more time purchasing product.

The calming indicator light does not take up much room on the wall. It is specifically designed for increasing traffic flow in public venues including restaurants, coffee shops, office spaces, retirement homes, retail stores, etc.

So put an end to the restroom guessing game.

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