TriCut Electric Installation Pliers – Three Functions Combined In One Hand Tool

The three main steps for processing cable, including cutting the cable to length and stripping and skinning the individual conductors, usually require three separate tools: diagonal cutters, a cable stripper, and stripping pliers.

The TriCut combines all of these functions, which makes changing pliers unnecessary, which is a convincing argument for using these all-round pliers, in particular for frequent work on ladders near live parts. Especially when used in narrow spaces, the TriCut is a winning tool due to its specially angled head, which enables ergonomic and energy-saving stripping and skinning lengthwise on the cable.

Especially for distribution boxes or junctions, the TriCut thereby is a distinct advantage in comparison to other pliers. Using the TriCut diagonal cutters, not just cable but also hard wires or even chains can be cut. This also saves space and particularly weight on belts, in bags, and in toolboxes. Due to the manufacturer’s high quality standards and its extremely robust processing and production in compliance with the IEC 60900:2012 standard, the TriCut promises a long lifespan. It is available in a VDE version tested individually at 10,000 V AC and approved for us up to 1,000 V AC, as well as in a classic design without protective insulation.

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