In a presentation to the DEF CON, hacking conference in Las Vegas security in August, 16 Bluetooth researcher Anthony Rose detailed how to easily hack 16 Bluetooth padlocks with inexpensive kit. Only four of them did not crack including the Master Lock Bluetooth padlock.

During the 24th edition of the DEF CON hacking conference held this summer in Las Vegas, several Bluetooth locks have been tested by a team of engineers and the results are inconclusive : out of sixteen Bluetooth enabled devices, twelve do not offer the expected security. Some devices stored passwords in plain text. Anyone with a Bluetooth sniffer could gain access. Other locks were vulnerable to replay attacks, which means the researchers grabbed data over the air when a legitimate user unlocked the lock, and they then just replayed that data to gain access. Some of the other attacks were a bit more intricate, although still fairly basic! Only four padlocks have resisted the assaults, Master Lock Bluetooth padlocks is one of them!


Master Lock Bluetooth® Smart Padlocks provide essential peace of mind for industry, transportation and distribution centre or construction and use your smartphone or tablet to secure possessions via a simple app, eliminating the hassle of lost keys or forgotten combinations.

Time-limited access to remote sites that need occasional intervention, storage rooms, technical areas, locker rooms, multi-user equipment is just a digital invite away for authorized persons thanks to the free Master Lock® Vault eLocks app, featuring military-grade authentication and encryption.

The app also has you covered in case someone tries tampering with your lock, the battery is running low, or you want to view an activity history. Meanwhile, a directional keypad is on hand should your smartphone or tablet be unavailable or stored away in a locker.

Available for indoor and outdoor use, the Master Lock Bluetooth Smart™ padlocks can be used in all circumstances and become the essential accessory for all situations where it is necessary to share access with others.

Notes for Editors:

Master Lock was founded in 1921 and is the world’s largest manufacturer of padlocks. The company caters for a wide variety of markets and has been responsible for numerous innovations, including the invention of the laminated steel padlock.


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