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ABUS Brings Security And Price Stability In An Uncertain World

Since the Brexit result in June, from governments down there is international uncertainty concerning the UK’s future trading position. Uncertainty brings speculation, resulting in the dramatic decline of the value of the £ against both the € and the $.

The £’s decline has already forced many UK suppliers and manufacturers dependent on goods supplied from Europe or China to increase their prices, often with a double digit percentage. Neither the UK hardware and security market in general nor ABUS in particular are immune from these issues. ABUS UK is reliant on supply of quality products supplied in €s from Germany, and in $s from our factories in China.

While the current £ v €/$ is cutting very deeply, we are not just ABUS UK, but ABUS and our parent company fully support the ABUS brand in the UK. Therefore with ABUS Group support, ABUS UK is pleased to confirm:

ABUS 2016 £ RRPs will remain in place till April 2017, 15 months after our January 2016 RRPs were confirmed.

We therefore pass on this very positive message to our UK distributors:

ABUS now more than ever is the brand to stock.

In a changing and uncertain world, ABUS offers the UK hardware and security market quality and price stability. For full information on our security solutions please contact ABUS UK:
Telephone: 0117 204 7000

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