The Car That Locks Out Cyber Criminals: Hack-Proof Black Cab To Be Unveiled In London

By Ryan O’Hare

A British firm claims to have made the first hack-proof security system that uses a series of firewalls and unique data keys which can’t be cloned. Experts have warned vulnerability of car computers is a major concern. The system is fitted in the next generation of London taxi, the Metrocab

Cybercriminals on the lookout for a vehicle to hack may soon face stiff opposition, as experts claim to have made the first hack-proof car.

Would-be hackers have turned to targeting cars as on-board computers become increasingly common to control locking and safety systems – such as auto braking and power steering.

Experts say that bolstering security and making vehicles impervious to cyber criminals is a crucial step as autonomous vehicles roll out in coming years.

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