ABUS Padlock Triumphs Over Another Very Determined Burglar!

We know that padlock security can’t always stop a burglar, but we do know that good security buys time, and the better the system the more time it will buy.

That is exactly what happened to at the Granary Barn, Worcestershire.  At around 11pm, Mr Harris was alerted by noises at his recently converted Granary Barn.  The noise came from his ABUS 83WPIB/53 padlock withstanding some serious leverage from a stillson type wrench, buying Mr Harris enough time to head off the burglars and assess the damage to his barn.  The result was a slightly twisted but still secure padlock, a bent hasp and staple but no entry or theft from the barn – the ABUS padlock had successfully thwarted another determined burglary.

The Granary Barn is 1920’s Government sponsored timber framed agricultural structure, recently renovated for general storage.  The ABUS Submariner 83WPIB/53 padlock proved a more than adequate security solution to safeguard the contents of the barn.  With an 8mm stainless steel shackle and 57mm chrome plated solid brass lock body, fully weather protected with shackle seals and cylinder cover, this padlock has the Sold Secure Bronze and CEN Grade 3 classification.

For total padlock security ABUS offers either its Granit or Rock padlock ranges.  All ABUS padlocks have completely weatherproof inner workings, making them the ideal choice for securing appropriate value goods in any outdoor or marine environment.

For further information on the ABUS 83WIPB/53 or any other of our wide range of security products, including padlocks, door cylinders, meachatronic systems, and CCTV please contact ABUS UK.

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