Detect Piggybacking And Tailgating At Access Control Points

Accurance 3D is a tailgating and piggybacking detection system that provides an extra layer of access control security. The sensor uses ‘time-of-flight’ technology, and enables a clear mapping of the scene in 3D – with height-colour-coordinated images recognising the shapes easily.

Combined with intelligent analytics, Accurance 3D helps to automatically detect unauthorised individuals attempting to gain entry to controlled areas.

Depending on specific system requirements, Accurance 3D will instruct the access control mechanism to trigger an alarm or keep the door closed until the unauthorised individual has left, or in a revolving door case reverse the door forcing that individual to exit.

Furthermore, any activity such as masking the sensors or concealing yourself under a large object is picked up by the system, with the 3D height-colour-coordinated images detecting untoward activity and preventing access.
The ‘time-of-flight’ technology used by the system is unaffected by any lighting conditions and can detect the shape of an object such as a trolley or an individual. The Accurance 3D piggybacking and tailgating detection system can be installed as retrofit or included in a new access control system.

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