In recent years, the security industry has witnessed a growing trend towards development of user- friendly access control solutions that enable customers to have complete control over the entire security system. With new entrants in the security market,it is important for manufacturers to listen closely to customer needs and develop innovative solutions. All the major players are producing ‘smart-tech’.

The biggest trend we are seeing is ‘invisible’ access credentials coming into their own, thanks in large part to technologies that enable smartphones to be used as electronic keys for locking and unlocking doors. Setting and un-setting alarm systems and even paying for goods by ‘contactless’ technology.

In addition to increased user friendliness and convenience, an added bonus of these mobile solutions is that electronic keys may be sent, revoked and monitored via smartphone app or text message, allowing remote administration without panels or complex IT networks and cutting installation costs by up to 75 percent.

The inevitable downside will be decreased demand for hard card solutions, meaning providers and installers (yes you!) who focus on these technologies could lose ground.

This is an example of the industry-wide move toward more user-friendly solutions that are easier to install, network and access – an evolution that will continue into the future.

So what does this mean for the consumer?

The ability to ‘allow’ access to brother Sid, who has arrived un-announced from Scotland expecting you to be in. You can get notification that a child has returned from school. With some systems the delivery guy can be connected to you mobile anywhere in the world and you could, for instance, unlock the porch door for a delivery- Let in the plumber, electrician and so on and so on.

Recent entries to this market include

ERA and UniKey are revealing their first cooperative product, TouchKey, a Nightlatch styled lock, which will stand apart from other keyless lock products. Built on the distinctive UniKey mobile platform, the ERA TouchKey smart lock will have UniKey’s Touch-to-Open passive, one-touch entry and enhanced security features including Inside/Outside Technology that enables TouchKey to know if a homeowner’s smartphone is inside or outside the home to eliminate the potential for unauthorized entry.

Assa Abloy CLIQ system offers high security and traceability The major advantage of CLIQ Remote is the distance function. This locking system can change access and permission at a distance. For example, you can sit in London and, through the Web Manager authorize keys via the programming terminal. A contractor in the North of England can gain access to a facility, maybe an antenna or a mast, by programming his/her key in a wall reader at the facility. CLIQ Remote is addressing clients who want to change permissions quite often but need mechanical security and have a geographical spread of its operations.

The system can time-control keys and give a user access only during office hours, or just on weekend nights. The keys are validated by the customer’s own rules, perhaps every day or every week. If a key is not validated in the wall programming device within the regulated time, it becomes unusable/invalid.

ABUS Mechatronic range of door cylinders use cutting edge electronic technology combined with mechanical cylinder security for total access control and convenience.

The innovative CodeLoxx cylinder range, manufactured in ABUS’ Seccor factory in Germany, offers a combination of protection against intrusion, using either up to 6 digit combination code, an encrypted electronic key, or proximity chip. The cylinder body is completely robust and reinforced internally with anti-drill protection, plus the convenience and security that any lost key can be deprogrammed preventing unauthorised use. CodeLoxx also has the flexibility of combination codes that be set for different people at different times, allowing flexible but secure access control to both homes and commercial premises.

For UPVc door we have the Securikey Keylex 700M Mechanical digital lock reviewed last year in the July edition P39. I certainly know of other makers who have products or who are entering this market. Best keep up this is what will set you above two day training schools.

smarthome2Recent news from Allegion 

‘Strong electronic access control (EAC) investments by the healthcare and education verticals were a highlight of a very strong 2015 for Allegion. The company saw double-digit growth in multiple categories for its electronics as well as continued strong growth in commercial markets, with further expansion of software provider integration of Allegion-connected devices.

Mobile connectivity & system integration nurture positive trends 

Demand for mobile connectivity and integration of multiple building services in both commercial and residential spaces have fostered the positive trends. Customers increasingly expect similar types of experiences where they live, learn and work. We are also seeing increased transition to electronic credentials as a result of increased awareness of credential options and tangible improvements in operating efficiency. The development of these two trends will ideally lead to increased discussion about the importance of industry standards to enable greater value and adoption of EAC solutions’


Founded in 2003, Safe has developed its offering to become the go-to destination for security products, with ranges to suit all tastes, needs and budgets. Stocking the biggest names in security including Yale, Chubb and Phoenix, they offer everything from fireproof cabinets and safes to alarms, locks and lockers.

Making headway in domestic security are electronic alternatives to traditional locks, allowing access to properties without a key. Innovations in technology mean that homeowners are able to now opt for systems that are electronically-led, providing a home security system that is a lot more secure than the traditional lock and key method.

This state-of-the-art smart lock from market leader, Yale and available to buy at, provides remote locking and unlocking using an app. The Keyfree with Z-Wave Module electronic digital door lock is accessed by PIN code or smart home automation systems using Z-Wave protocol. It hails the next generation of technology-based home security solutions, championing pioneering technology and allowing the user to remotely add new-user credentials and even set schedules as to when they can enter the property.

Here are their thoughts

Anthony Neary, MD of Safe added: “We will always sell the simpler day-to-day products our customers expect, but we’re also committed to offering them the latest products on the market. This is the first in a long line of industry innovations designed to cater for today’s tech-savvy society.”




This article originally appeared in the print edition of Locks and Security Magazine

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