Avocet Hardware is bringing to market a product that it says can dramatically reduce the number of burglaries in England and Wales that are the result of forced entry through a door.

Clive Lloyd, Avocet’s managing director, said: “At present 74 percent of burglaries take place through either a front, back or side door – a figure that means the main point of entry into our homes are also the most vulnerable elements of our home security.”

In order to combat this astonishing figure, Avocet is launching the AIM Forensic Security System. Based upon a traditional door chain, it activates when the door is forced and sprays would-be burglars with an invisible DNA liquid that ties them to that specific door at that specific address, and as a result provides the police with all the evidence they’ll need to secure a conviction.

AIM has already been recognised by the Society of Professional Locksmiths in the USA, and is being used by West Mercia, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Bedfordshire and West Midlands police forces, as well as Safer St Helens and Safer Worcester.

“As with all the very best innovations AIM is based on the simplest of ideas,” continued Clive. “It comprises a traditional door chain married to a high- tech housing, which is home to a high- decibel alarm and a canister of the DNA forensic spray.”

“In a nutshell, AIM is a door chain that’s evolved.”


Designed to be provide an additional level of home security, AIM is installed unobtrusively on the inside of the door, where it helps prevent unwanted visitors gaining immediate access when the door is opened, and helps the door to stand firm against forced entry – but that’s where the similarities to the traditional door chain end.

The new Avocet system provides far greater resistance to external pressure put on the door meaning it could well put attackers off before they even manage to force it open.

But should they manage to break through, then that’s where AIM comes into its own. It emits a high decibel alarm and sprays the person forcing their way in with a liquid that contains the unique UV-based DNA tracing technology. The DNA liquid splatters onto both skin and clothes and can stay there for weeks, even months depending on the regularity with which they are cleaned.

Ingenuously, the UV-based DNA spray is registered at the point of installation and so is unique to that specific address and door. Therefore, should the burglar be apprehended, either for that attempted break-in or a completely different crime, the police simply need to hold a UV light to them to check if a forensic trace is present – if so, the forensic laboratory will be able to determine the trace tag allocated to it and from that confirm the exact location where the suspect was sprayed. This places them at the scene of the crime – evidence that is allowed to be used in court to secure a conviction.

“We firmly believe this product can make a huge difference in reducing burglaries in the UK and are confident we are the company to deliver this,” added Clive. “As the national security sponsor of Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network we have access to the biggest crime prevention network in the country and will be making the most of that to ensure that everyone in every corner of the country is aware of AIM and the benefits it brings.”

“Additionally, even greater awareness will be created through a marketing programme that will target local, regional and national newspapers as well as broadcast and social media. And, of course, every installer will be offered point of sale marketing material to help promote instore sales.

“Our intention with all of this activity is that we want installers to have every chance of winning new business by stocking AIM.”



This article originally appeared in the print edition of Locks and Security Magazine

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