Gramps makes the grade!

see the article below as well – Grandad has a new idea.




 Grandfather Bob Fitzjohn is delighted to announce that the target to crowdfund his invention ‘The Easy Lock’ has been achieved, exceeded in fact! A breakthrough for the world of security.

To kick start the project Bob needed capital and to find out if his idea had merit. The Easy Lock was accepted onto the crowd funding website Indiegogo ( Proving hugely popular, The Easy Lock quickly reached number 7 in the Indigogo trending top 10. After just a month of presence on the site, an incredible £10,489 of contributions has been received towards the project. All Indiegogo contributors are now safe in the knowledge that their donation will enable the project to begin in earnest, the manufacturers have begun work on the lock so the next exciting phase of the project is now a reality.  The locks will soon be ready and available to buy online at


Bob Fitzjohn is glad that he has persevered for over a year in developing the lock:


“I’ve been heartened by the encouragement from supporters. It’s also disturbing to read about the dreadful experiences that people have had when there has been forced entry into a hotel room or apartment. My hope is that The Easy Lock will bring safety and peace of mind to many people, right across the globe.”


The Easy Lock will cost £24.95, with free postage in Europe, £4 worldwide. It is being developed in a range of colours, and will also have a choice of coloured pouch.


Editors Note – I will review this product in a future LASM. Mick

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